Tomb of Horrors

Fresco of the Wizardly Work Room

This painting was done by Paul Madison, Katherine Victors, Dan Benbenisty and Todd Zorick. It was painted with fluorescent paint on a 4x8 foot canvas. The photograph on the left was taken in normal light; the photograph on the right was taken with black light. The image is from the Dungeons & Dragons adventure Tomb of Horrors, published in 1978 by TSR. The original artist, David Trampier, created some of the finest work (IMO) in the 1st edition D&D books including the cover of the Player's Handbook, the DM's screen and Wormy, a serial comic in the Dragon Magazine. In 1988, Trampier left TSR and public life entirely over a disagreement. He is rumored to be alive and well in an undisclosed location.

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