Feeling Groovy Recording Studio

Sound Proofing Process

Nov, 2003: This studio is a room-within-a-room, built inside an unfinished two car garage. I began the project by removing all the shelves and nails attached to the walls.

Dec, 2003: I bought the first of many sheets of drywall and insulation. I started work on the ceiling first. I built the scaffold out of scrap 2/4's.

April, 2004: With my friend Stan, I ran electrical conduits from the back of the house to the garage through the roof. We installed a new circuit breaker box in the garage.

May, 2004: I finally finished drywalling the ceiling. This part of the project took the longest because the ceiling is vaulted and I had to cut the drywall pieces around the crossbeams.

August, 2004: I finished putting joint compound on the ceiling. I painted the ceiling white. I began drywalling and insulating the walls.

September, 2004: My friend Raif showed me how to hang a second door in the garage wall. Now there are two doors in the same frame: one opens in; the other out. I built storage shelves above the clothes washer and dryer.

October, 2004: I sealed the garage door shut. I put joint compound and white paint on all the garage walls except around the breaker box: there's much more electrical work to be done there. Now work on the actual studio can begin!

November, 2004: I built the first studio wall lying flat on the ground. After I put drywall on it and gave it a rough joint compound job, I lifted it into position and secured it to the wall with rope.

Dec, 2004: I erected the second and third studio walls. I started work on the bottom of the fourth wall, shown below.

January, 2005: I built the frame for the fourth wall and hung the third door in it. I built the first of two baffles in the fourth wall next to the door. I built the frame for the studio ceiling. Stan and I ran electricity from the breaker box to the washer and dryer and installed conduit in the studio.

February, 2005: I began drywalling the inside walls and ceiling in the studio. I also built the second baffle and installed it in the ceiling.

March, 2005: Stan and I ran cables through the conduits in the studio. The light switches operate two light bulbs hanging temporarily from the ceiling. I insulated the roof. I ran an ethernet cable through the ceiling of the studio and into the house.

April, 2005: I installed the fourth door in the studio, painted the walls and installed carpet.

May, 2005: I finally set my drums up in the studio! The sound inside was too loud and reverberant, so I screwed sheets of cellutex on the walls. They made the sound much drier.

June, 2005: No work, only PLAY!

July, 2005: Stan and I finished installing the track lighting. We installed a fan connected to the ceiling baffle and an old water heater vent in the roof. I built bookshelves up high so they don't encroach on the walking space. I installed a plant light for my Ming Aralia; a timer keeps the light on through the night and turns off late in the morning.

August, 2005: Finished!